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Glucose SOS

Glucose SOS

Glucose SOS

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$9.99$29.99 or subscribe and save 5%

  • Faster Acting Than Tablets
  • No Water Needed
  • 4 Great Flavors
  • 100% Pure & Natural

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  • Faster Acting Than Tablets – Glucose SOS already comes in a highly bio-available powder form, without any chewing required. Therefore, it doesn’t just dissolve “quickly” – Glucose SOS dissolves INSTANTLY. Delivers 15 g of glucose per serving.
  • No Water Needed – In fact, Glucose SOS doesn’t require any prep work of any kind – it tastes delicious and is easy to swallow so you can experience immediate blood glucose recovery, which will help prevent sugar spikes and with weight management.
  • 4 Great Flavors – How would you like to experience convenient, delicious blood sugar recovery in mouthwatering Sweet & Tangy, green apple, fruit medley, and strawberry kiwi flavors. Tastes so much better than glucose gel or glucose tablets!
  • 100% Pure & Natural – Best of all, Glucose SOS is amazingly healthy for you! 100% free of artificial ingredients or flavoring of any kind, as well as sodium, preservatives, caffeine, and gluten. Our powder has NO: chemicals, additives, or coloring.

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Original Sweet and Tangy, Fruit Medley, Kiwi Strawberry, Green Apple Crisp


1 pack of 6, 2 pack of 6, 4 pack of 6